Xana’s Story

I think as I’ve got older, I’ve disliked organised religion because I feel like it’s really divisive. And I understand that people have really strong beliefs in their particular God, or religion, but I don’t like it when people feel others are inferior or wrong. From what I think I know about God, I don’t think he’d want people to believe that.

I want to have a really down-to-earth chat with God, and ask something really rogue, like why he created an Octopus, like what was the idea there? I have so many questions, like why can’t people just be a good person? Where’s the line between God’s plan and free will? If he creates everyone, surely he creates everyone’s purpose, and if so, why can’t he create everyone’s purpose to find him? Was there always a plan for humans to be special ones?

I know believing in this God has deeper connotations that just believing. I’d never say God absolutely doesn’t exist, because how could you ever prove that? I think I find the different ideas that people have attributed to the Christian God confusing – its hard to consolidate all the attributes in one being.

Jesus sounds like quite an amazing person and there are loads of things that he said and did in the Bible that I think are really honourable. I believe he existed, there are other documents that record him being alive other than the Bible, so it’s not just relying on biblical texts. But to me, he’s just a really influential figure.

I think its amazing how much Christianity has spread, I guess that’s got to say something for him. I think unexplainable things that happen, but I think part of that is that they transcend human understanding. It might be that we can’t understand God, or it might just be that we can’t understand, let’s say, physics. Even if finding out more doesn’t mean finding Jesus myself, I’d always want to find out more. I love hearing different people’s views on the world – I do people-watching as a degree!

I also think life can be pretty amazing, if there wasn’t an afterlife and I never found a deeper meaning, I wouldn’t be upset, because I still think I’d be able to have load of amazing experiences in life. I think almost everyone likes the idea of life after death, partly because it’s so hard to imagine nothing.

So I think there might be more to life than this, but if there is, I’m not really sure. But what does it mean for there to be more to life than ‘this’? What is ‘this?’ Is it going to lectures, extra curricular stuff, and having a family? What does ‘this’ mean? Does it mean there is an afterlife, or does it just mean we should all be finding a deeper purpose every day?