Luke’s Story

If I could ask God one question, it would be pretty typical. I’d ask about theodicy – “why do evil things happen?” It seems quite hard to get your head around why God would allow that stuff to happen. In my opinion, Christianity seems quite dangerous. There’s a fine line between committed piety & entrenchment – when you move over into entrenchment you get religious wars & fanatics. I guess I’m wary.

Studying theology has definitely made me question life and faith more, although I think theology for me though is only ever an academic interest. I like the idea of there being more to life than this, and I do find it hard to believe that this life is it. But I’m probably less keen on religion and God having studied it though – you get bright atheists, and smug Christians – and they’ve put me off. I’m probably more keen on religion but less keen on how it manifests in people. I’m not really sure about Jesus. I can’t weigh up whether he’s a good man with a consciousness for God or actually God incarnate on earth.

I don’t think I need God; I think he’s one of a range of options for understanding this life. That’s not invalidating him, if he does exist then belief in him is the right option, but looking from an empirical angle, there are a number of ways of interpreting our existence. To the outsider, he’s one of a spectrum.