Hong’s Story

God was like a mythological character from a Western country to me. Having a very rough idea of the Gospel, I started to think there should be a creator, the God, who created the Universe, but I was frightened by him. One one hand, I wanted to be saved, but on the other hand, I didn’t think I was good enough for Jesus. But God never leaves me, he knows my needs and my desires intimately.

What brings you to life?

I love painting and making crafts because it is a good way to express my emotions. My worries disappear when I indulge in creating, or making artwork. It brings me peace and a sense of accomplishment. And the feeling of creating something good, something beautiful, is beyond explanation. I loving giving what I’ve made to family and friends.

I also love travelling! I’m passionate about it because it broadens my horizons to different ways of life. The journey is often filled with people who are caring, empathetic, and inspiring – meeting them and ¬†sharing our stories together encourages me to never give up, as the possibilities in life are endless. To me, there is always hope in life.

I’m also loving living in Durham this year and experiencing a new culture.