STORY evenings are about inspiring stories of changed lives. From the highs to the lows, the successes to the failures; our interviewer, Glen Scrivener, will be unpacking what brings each individual to life and how their faith has shaped their story. Then we’ll take a look stories of individuals whose lives were transformed when they met Jesus two thousand years ago. There’ll also be live music and food and drinks!

We can’t wait to hear these stories with you.

the musician

20 Feb

Roo Panes

English singer-songwriter, Andrew “Roo” Panes grew up in Dorset and graduated with a degree in Theology. After first catching public attention by featuring on a Burberry campaign, Roo launched his music career. His poetic lyrics and soulful, folky style have been compared to George Ezra, Laura Marling, and Nick Drake. He’ll be joining us on our first STORY evening to perform and share his story, fresh from his European Tour and the release of his latest album, Paperweights (2016).


the gang leader

21 Feb

Ryan Lennon

Ryan, speaker and ex-gang leader, grew up in Northern Ireland, where his father was a prominent member of the Ulster Volunteer Force. He was involved from a young age in violent gangs, cocaine trafficking, and survived several attempts on his own life before having to deal with the murder of his best friend on a railway line at the age of 15. In 2013, Ryan was imprisoned again for orchestrating the Belfast riots before his life was radically changed by finding faith in God. He’ll be joining us to share his story of violence and transformation.

the banker

22 Feb

Ken Costa 

With over 40 years experience in the financial sector, Ken is an investment banker in the City of London. Born in South Africa, Ken studied Philosophy and Law in Johannesburg and was involved in student protests against the apartheid. Ken holds a second degree in Theology and Law from Cambridge University. After serving as Vice-Chairman of UBS Investment Bank, a global financial institution, where he advised international corporations, Ken was named as the Chairman of Lazard International, joining the bank in October 2007 until 2011.

We’d love to see you on Wednesday evening to hear more about Ken’s fascinating journey to faith.

the entrepreneur

23 Feb

Ruth Yimika Awogbade

Ruth is the Editor-In-Chief of MAGNIFY, a ‘faith, feminism, and fashion’ magazine which was described by Huffington Post as “the women’s magazine breaking every stereotype out there”. She found faith whilst a student at Durham before graduating with a politics degree. Ruth worked for L’Oreal and Burberry before launching MAGNIFY magazine in 2009. Her work aims to challenge conceptions that religion is sexist, unfashionable, and outdated.

Join us on Thursday evening to hear the full version of Ruth’s inspirational and moving story.

the student

24 Feb

Charley Deans

Charley Deans grew up in a small village in the Essex countryside. Excelling at school, she was passionate about human rights and is looking to train as a lawyer after she graduates this year. Growing up she never considered faith, thinking the slow services and stone-cold buildings offered her nothing. But, aged 16, her perspective and her life radically changed.


We can’t wait to hear Charley’s story on Friday night, exploring what caused this change and how it has impacted her life since.